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Lynx Studio Technology: Hilo Version 8 Firmware

Horizontal Meter Page
Analog VU
RTA Page
All IO
Routing Page
Monitoring Page
Scenes Page
Master Output Selection

Lynx Introduces New Firmware for Hilo Expanding its Feature Set

Lynx Studio Technology Releases Hilo Firmware 8 Adding New Capabilities

Several all-new features and improved GUI included with Hilo Firmware 8.

SEPTEMBER 29, 2016 – LOS ANGELES, CA. Today Lynx Studio Technology introduced new firmware for the acclaimed Hilo converter which further adds to its rich feature set and increases its usefulness as an indispensable audio tool. Many new features and an improved graphic interface are all part of this free upgrade for Hilo owners. It will also be part of the system that ships with new Hilos starting November.

“Part of the outstanding performance and value that Hilo continues to bring its users is that we are constantly adding new features and capabilities,” stated Bob Bauman, Lynx Co-Founder and Chief Hardware Engineer. “These added features come as a direct result of feedback from Hilo users. Some of these new features are functions we have been wanting to add, plus several new requests from our loyal user base. This combined with a face lift not only improves the user experience, but takes the Hilo’s established standard to new heights of usability and utility while providing pristine audio performance.”

Some of the new features included in firmware version 8 include:

  • All new, completely redesigned graphic user interface (GUI) design and logical menu layout
  • All new, full function Monitor Controller added
  • New Master Output Volume to preserve the relative levels of each of the outputs
  • New Analog VU style and Horizontal peak style meter designs
  • Four factory preset scenes with four additional user-definable scenes for faster and easier setups
  • Output Dim has been added to the routing page
  • Output Solo has been added to the routing page
  • Complete Hilo status visible on every page

We will continue our tradition of expanding Hilo’s palate of features to maintain its position as the premier audio converter and tool box,” explained Lynx Co-Founder and Chief Software Engineer David A. Hoatson. “By continually innovating on the Hilo platform we ensure its long-term relevancy and usability. We also strive to exceed our customers’ expectations of what a converter can be in both performance and versatility.”

Hilo Firmware Version 8.0 for Windows Download

Hilo Firmware Version 8.0 for OS X Download

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