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Lynx Studio Technology: Lynx Mixer for AES16e and Thunderbolt

Lynx Mixer for AES16e
Lynx Mixer for Aurora Thunderbolt

Lynx has released the new Lynx Mixer for the AES16e PCI Express cards and Aurora Thunderbolt converters. Lynx Mixer graphically resembles software mixer and DAW applications currently in use, for a shorter learning curve and consistent esthetics.

The power, speed and sheer number of possible channels available via Thunderbolt will change the way recording pros will work in the near future. With the ability to have up to 6 Aurora TB converters and 192 potential functional channels operating at the same time, a new, configurable and manageable mixer ap was crucial. As the Aurora TB models and AES16e are both PCI Express devices, the new mixer also functions for AES16e control of Aurora converters in any existing system.

Multiple AES16e cards and Aurora TB converters can be displayed on the same user-configurable mixer screen. The Tab-based window allows for complete sections to be called up or hidden as needed. This allows for less clutter and optimization of control functions. Other improvements include a redesigned panning function, muted contemporary background with highlights for quick visual reference of current operation.

There are two main goals for Lynx Mixer. First is to make it easier for end users to control hardware any number of units especially control of zero latency monitoring. The second goal is to make the user interface identical for Mac and PC users. With the portability and plug and play capability of Thunderbolt devices, more end users will be jumping between computers, applications, and locations. The new consistent look and operation will facilitate this flexibility. The new Lynx Mixer also adds the ability to store and recall scenes, which is also cross platform capable.

Especially useful is the new Card ID feature. This allows the user to assign a specific order for all AES16e and Aurora TBs in a system. When the system is rebooted, the devices come up in the same assigned order. With Aurora TB units, this is especially useful if the converters are reconnected in a different order the I/O assignments will hold regardless of the order the units are plugged in.

For Aurora TB models, the Lynx Mixer allows up to 32-channel mode for Aurora 16, and 16 channel mode for Aurora 8. This allows all analog and digital I/O to be controlled at all sample rates. These settings are what allow six Aurora converters to have 192 possible I/O channels (96 analog and 96 digital) working off a single Thunderbolt port.

One of the core features of the AES16e is its internal 32 channel mixer. The Lynx Mixer bolsters utility with the LS-ADAT LSlot card with easier to use nomenclature and improved clocking.

The Lynx Mixer will be included at no charge for all future driver downloads.

For detailed instructions on how to get this mixer, go here.

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