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Cakewalk Sonar 2.2 Application Notes

The LynxONE and LynxTWO/L22 work with Sonar using our ASIO drivers. To setup Sonar 2.2 to use our ASIO driver:

Launch Sonar 2.2, then select Options > Audio...

Next, Select the Advanced tab and the following panel will appear:

Select Driver Mode ASIO. Next click on the General Tab. The following screen will appear:

Click on the ASIO Panel... button and the the LynxTWO ASIO Control Panel will appear:

Select the buffer size you wish to use and ensure that the Bus Master switch is enabled. There will be a bit of trial-and-error to find the smallest buffer size that doesn't cause audio dropouts to occur on your computer. Start at 512 samples and work your way down until the audio will no longer plays back cleanly. Then bump the buffer size up slightly and you should have the latency set to as low as it will go on your computer.

Please Note: If you wish to use the LS-ADAT Cue Point with SONAR, you must use the MME driver (the ASIO driver does not support the LS-ADAT Cue Point), turn off the audio engine in SONAR, setup and enable the Cue Point in the LynxTWO Mixer, then press play (or record) in SONAR.

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