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Adobe Premiere Pro Application Notes

The LynxONE and LynxTWO/L22/AES16 work with Adobe Premiere Pro using our ASIO drivers. There are a couple of issues you need to know about before trying to use Adobe Premiere Pro with our audio cards:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro V7.0 requires a native Windows XP DirectSound driver to be available before it will load. Our standard Windows drivers do not include native DirectSound support. If you have another audio card with a native DirectSound driver (such as the sound chip on your motherboard), then you can successfully launch Adobe Premiere Pro V7.0 and select our ASIO driver. Optionally, if you have a LynxTWO/L22/AES16 you could use our WDM drivers which do have native DirectSound support.
  • Adobe Premiere Pro V7.0 has a bug that causes a General Protection Fault (GPF Crash) when selecting either the LynxONE or LynxTWO ASIO driver. Adobe has identified the problem and will be providing a patch to Premiere Pro. We have created a work-around for this problem, which is available starting with Build 055b (LynxTWO/L22/AES16) and Build 024j (LynxONE).

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