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LynxONE / LynxTWO / L22 / AES16 Software Compatibility List
This chart details compatibility of the LynxTWO/L22/AES16 cards with a variety of popular software applications. The LynxONE is not represented in this list. The LynxONE supports MME and ASIO applications in Windows and ASIO applications is Mac OS9. There is no DirectSound support for the LynxONE in Windows 2000/XP, so applications that require DirectSound should be avoided.

In Windows, there are two driver packages that are available concurrently, the Version 1 and Version 2 drivers. In cases where one or the other is required, or offers improved functionality, that is specified in the "Notes" column. For applications that require DirectSound support the Version 2 driver should be used.

In general, testing involved the most current application versions at the time that the page was updated and the most current Lynx driver and firmware revisions. This list is not intended to be a compatibility guarantee. It is only a list of software we have tested in our compatibility lab. You should check with your software vendor to insure compatibility with our products.

Audio Analyzers
Mac the Scope Channel D OSX
Praxis Liberty Windows
Strobosoft Peterson Windows/OSX OSX: Establish desired sample rate from Lynx Mixer or External clock source before launching app.
SmaartLive SIA Software Windows
SpectraLab Sound Technology Windows
Audio Editing / MultiTrack / Sequencers
Live Ableton Windows/OSX
Logic Apple Version 7.0 had problem with external clock source, corrected in 7.01 or greater.
GarageBand Apple OSX Delete MIDI driver from Library > Audio > MIDI drivers > LynxTWO MIDI plug-in with PCI card driver build 48 or older.
Audition Adobe Windows Audition's ASIO implementation results in high CPU usage. Increase ASIO buffer size to compensate.
Pro Tools Avid Windows/OSX In Windows with an AES16e or Aurora/TB, avoid driver build 22
Sonar Cakewalk Windows Use ASIO for optimal performance.
Reaper Cockos Windows/OSX
FL Studio Image-Line Windows Use Version 6 or above if possible.
Samplitude Magix Windows Best performance with version 10.1 or above. For ASIO Direct Monitoring choose “DM Uses Active Devices” in ASIO Control Panel.
Sequoia Magix Sequoia Best performance with version 10.1 or above. For ASIO Direct Monitoring choose “DM Uses Active Devices” in ASIO Control Panel. .
Digital Performer MOTU OSX
Studio One Presonus Windows/OSX
Saw Studio RML Labs Windows
Vegas Sony Windows Some reports of problems on launch with version 13, various Interfaces
Sound Forge Sony Windows Use WDM/MME as driver model in Version 8 if possible.
Acid Sony Windows
Cubase Steinberg Windows/OSX USB products may need to be set up as an aggregate device in OSX for Cubase version 5.
Nuendo Steinberg Windows/OSX
WaveLab Steinberg Windows/OSX With Windows ASIO, use Version 5.01 or above.
Media Playback
Windows: for all of the applications in this list we recommend using the Version 2 driver. This category of programs tends to rely upon DirectSound, which is supported in the Version 2 driver.
iTunes Apple Windows/OSX For Windows, requires Version 2 driver.
QuickTime Player Apple Windows/OSX For Windows, requires Version 2 driver.
PowerDVD Cyberlink Windows
Foobar 2000 Foobar 2000 Windows
WinDVD Intervideo Windows
Media Center J. River Windows We suggest using DirectSound, rather than ASIO, with this application.
WinAmP Nullsoft Windows
WaveStation BSI Windows
Simian BSI Windows Version 1 driver or Version 2 Build 13j or above required for Mixer functions.
Radio Suite Dalet Digital Media Systems Windows
RealProducer RealNetworks Windows
NewsReady WireReady Windows
Software Synthesizers
When used as VSTi or ReWire devices compatibility is determined by the host application. This chart refers to standalone operation.
Various Arturia Windows/OSX
Rapture Cakewalk Windows/OSX
Various GMedia Windows/OSX
SampleTank IK Multimedia Windows/OSX
Various Native Instruments Windows/OSX OSX: Must set Lynx card to Internal clock source for standalone operation.
Reason Propellerheads Windows/OSX
GigaStudio Tascam Windows Use Version 2 driver. Driver build 14e.
Cube Virsyn Windows/OSX Windows: Cube's ASIO implementation results in high CPU usage. Increase ASIO buffer size to compensate, or use WDM/DirectSound.

Note to software vendors: Want to have your software on our list? Just email to arrange for getting us a copy of your software for compatibility testing.

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